March 24, 2009
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You left me out in the cold,
and now I've never felt so alone.
I refuse to shed a tear,
because I'm having trouble admitting to myself that you're no longer here.
I can still recall the feeling of your breath on my face,
and how i thought we had all the time in the world to waste.
I won't even allow myself to say your name because things will probably never be the same.
I need to feel you in my arms again,
and if i don't soon i know that i shall go insane.
I've lost myself completely and nothing seems real.
I wish I could feel the cold grap of your hand on my shoulder, like steel.
I don't dare go into the deep crevices of my mind for startling fear of what I might find;
memories and notes and hugs and kisses that possesd no doubt
of our future together and what could've been,
but then again, nothing is ever what it seems.
I've just ripped open this hole in my chest,
and I guess now it's time for me to confess,
you are gone and you said you didn't want me anymore.
Now I just wonder what I was put on this earth for.
You will always be the air I need to breathe,
I cry now, as I just let my wounds bleed.

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sk8terboi said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 7:01 am
keep on writting its great I really like your style.
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