You Are My Cyanide

September 4, 2017
By bradlovesbacon SILVER, Vegriville, Alberta
bradlovesbacon SILVER, Vegriville, Alberta
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You are my cyanide,
Gonna keep you by my side
Til i wish to end my time
You seem to be my life
Cut you off and i will surely die
Do you want me to cry?
You are my cyanide

You are my hide-away
Where i can store my pain
And keep the less insane
You like to play these games
Where i burn what keeps me safe
So could you please explain
You are my hide-away

You are my mystery
I can’t solve your history
What is it you want with me
You are my liberty
Tell me is this blasphemy
Inquiring about your trickery
You are my mystery

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