Rainy Day

August 28, 2017
By KirstenHentschel BRONZE, Wheatfield, Indiana
KirstenHentschel BRONZE, Wheatfield, Indiana
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The sun no longer shines bright.

The clouds make the sky as dark as night.

Is it just rain or a big storm?

Hopefully the weatehr doesn't completely transform.

First comes rain, then the wind.

Will this storm ever end?

I sit and hope for no worse.

I hate storms, I try my hardest not to curse.

My mind turns into a blank verse.

The trees start to sway.

Tree branches fly my way.

Animals begin to go crazy.

The sky is getting even more hazy.

Once again, comes a large gust of wind.

Can this storm please end?

The rain slowly turns to hail. 

I'm getting nervous, I bite my nails.

Of course, things never fail. 

I go inside and try to stay mellow.

Maybe soon the sky will turn yellow.

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