The Beautiful Stranger

March 24, 2009
By Angelo Zeno SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Angelo Zeno SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Maybe this was a mistake
Maybe I'm not meant to do this
But how could it be
Someone as beautiful as cant be wrong
But deep down, churning in my gut
I know its wrong
What a Beautiful Stranger
Oh, she makes me feel so good
Her beautiful pale skin illuminates the bedroom
She makes everything else seem so Grey
So dull, lifeless, limp and ugly
She is a Beautiful Stranger
Her pale hand touches my skin
A cold shiver runs up and down my spine
It tells me that this is wrong
That i mustn't be with her
But how can this be true
She is such a Beautiful Stranger
Her lips are luscious
Her words are seductive
They wrap around me and tease me
Bound me and tell me that I belong to her
But that is not what makes me want her...
Its her eyes, oh there such a thing of beauty
A crystal Hazel, Made by the Angels themselves
Carved out of Crystals and made with the blood of Jezebel
She is a Beautiful Stranger
Come too me now Beautiful Stranger
Let me caress your neck
Let me love you the way you need to be loved
Let me Fondle your silk hair
I am now yours Beautiful Stranger!
Do with me as you please!
I've lost myself in the pursuit to become yours
But none of that matters anymore
Because i am yours Beautiful Stranger
Lost myself for the lust of a Beautiful Stranger
Was it worth it

The author's comments:
True Story about a Beautiful Stranger i meet and how i lost myself pursuing her.

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