Jeans, T-shirt, and a Baseball Hat

August 27, 2017
By Melody Emery BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
Melody Emery BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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I don't like make-up,
Don't wear dresses.
I prefer playing in the mud,
And making lots of messes.

I know a lot of girls,
But none are like me.
I am different,
Accept that and leave me be.

I don't like painting my nails,
Won't curl or straighten my hair.
Many people want to change me,
But to me that’s not fair.

I love being different,
Why can't they see that.
I don't want to be like other girls,
Who don't wear jeans, t-shirt, and a baseball hat.

The author's comments:

I am often told that I am not "girly" enough. I am proud to be a Tomboy and I don't ever want to change that. This poem is also on Wattpad in a poem book I am writing called Poems In the Moments. I wrote this poem to show I am proud of who I am and I'm not going to change just because other people don't like who I am.

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