The girl in the mirror

August 24, 2017
By spread_the_love BRONZE, Kelaniya, Other
spread_the_love BRONZE, Kelaniya, Other
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I look in the mirror,
And I see a girl who wants to disappear.
She fakes a smile every day,
Hoping someday life won't be the same way.
All she sees is the imperfections of her body,
That makes her feel like a nobody.
She hates the pimples on her face,
So she tries to cover it up with a primer, a foundation and a base.
Her hair neither curly nor straight,
Taking her hours to get ready for a date.
She looks at her belly,
And all she can think is "fat and ugly".
Tears slowly flow down from her small eyes,
As she sees the ugly stretch marks on her thighs.
Her legs covered with scars from her childhood,
Feeling envious of the perfect legs that walk the runway of Hollywood.
She hears the words of those who are hateful,
But never believes those who call her beautiful.
She hopes that this feeling of insecurity won't last forever,
This is the life of the girl in the mirror.

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