How To Be A Sister

March 24, 2009
By Vanessa Flynn BRONZE, Massena, New York
Vanessa Flynn BRONZE, Massena, New York
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Be a good listener.
Offer opinions when asked.
Be loving.
You must know when to stop arguing and
When to help, how to
Stop tears, how to
Care for one another.

Take deep breaths
And know when to
Just listen to what
They have to say.
Be openhearted,
Stay close, and
Be there when needed.
Stay away from
Fighting too much.
Stay away from
Upsetting them.
There are none
That are perfect,
But try being the

Accept what they believe,
Consider their options.
And when you know what
They’re thinking
By the look on their faces,
You know you’ve
Done your job.
You know them like
The back of your hand.

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