The Ship

August 23, 2017
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I remember the day,
I started sailing.
It was bright day to start,
There were people beautifully dressed
Smiling and climbing on me,
And when the captain said
I started sailing,
With ever wind,
I moved forward,
Pushing the water back,
With ever labourers force I moved.
With the directions of the captain,
People on board enjoying the ride,
Those smiles were my compliments
So i speed up with joy,
Its the fourteenth on board,
And we would reach before time
I guess there was prob-
Oh wait! What is happening?
I stumble as force pushes me,
Towards the right
And then to the left
The alarms have went off,
The can hear them
With the loudness of rain drops
Which are stabbing me...together
With no mercy
I can hear people
Shouting, crying
The captain ordering,
As he tries to handle me
The clouds roaring,
As if someone singing
With a dark passion
As I can see the view of
A dark ship on the sky,
Oh my good god
What a horror it is,
The winds are now
More stronger, more powerful
As they manage to push
To my extreme sides,
As, as I am pushed
To extreme side,
My back now facing the sky
As another wind
Puts me to my position,
There in no noise now
Just the noise of alarm and rain
And the cloud, the ship is silent
As the dark ship moves by
The sun is now quietly visible
As if it has been what was going on
The now soft air blowing
Making me move forward
And then reach an place
People red with pretty face,
The land is as white with salt
They are all covered up,
They see me...
As I crash to the shore
They climb on me...
And they leave with
Nothing of their use
And the next day
I am no more a ship
But rather a societies creation.

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