How to be a Dentist

March 24, 2009
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Hop up in the chair,
Lie down, open up,
I'll warm up the drill.
Plaque, gingivitis, cavities.
A mouth utensil requires skill,
You need to want to use it.
Perform often. Join filling
with tooth. Patients
like your work,
come back for cleanings.

Steady your hand,
apply the drill carefully,
suck up the spit.
Avoid mistakes,
mistakes cause lawsuits
in this line of work.
Your office is a second home,
your chair is a sacred place,
your work is uncanny,
your teeth are professional.

Accept what comes from sugar,
the holes can be filled.
Out of the little nutrients receieved,
you obtain sheer moments of ecstacy.
For the small cost of a filling,
you can indulge forever.

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