Confessions of the Mind

August 16, 2017
By saraefriedman BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
saraefriedman BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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I’ve always dreamed that I could fly
I would splatter my wings with blue paint
A shade of blue that would blend with the sky
I would add splashes of pink to the clouds
I’ve always dreamed that I could fly
The soft air could tickle my toes
Air that only fills my ears with tunes of peace
I could grab handfuls of rushing wind
I’ve always dreamed that I could fly
The stars would add light to my soul
A light that destroys all darkness
I would be full of pure bliss
I’ve always dreamed that I could fly
I could explore the colors below
The colors that model the rainbow of our world
I could sprinkle my free spirit among those in need
I’ve always dreamed that I could fly
Fly and fly and fly and fly


Black and White

I sometimes imagine a world in black and white
It seems simple, there’s clarity
Those old movies with the record players and tap dancing
Always warm my soul as a shepherd does to a lost lamb

I hear those jazzy underscores
It can be soothing in utter chaos
Those trumpets and pianos with their simple rhythms
Always narrate a personal story that speaks to all

I watch the ladies in flapper dresses
It can be in reassuring, there’s answers
Those lips covered with a dark stroke of red
Always smile under the bright light from the night sky

I see the streets full of taxi cabs
It seems like life is constantly inviting
Those couples leaving from a wild night out
Always display their love out in the dark open

My Socks

My head spins with each step I take
Thoughts race but never reach the finish line
I breathe in the crisp air of uncertainty
And exhale a heavy gust of wind
Shards of mysterious glass creep into my mouth
Stabbing my tongue and denting my lips
Sticky tape is ripped off my neck 
And my shoulders carry the weight of the pain
My heart beats aggressively with every subtle glance
A rainstorm fills my stomach and splashes my insides with gloom
Balls of steel roll down my legs
Then my feet are pure with a shield that protects them
My socks
The knight and shining armor
They are the barrier between my true utopia and outside world
A rainbow of spirit dazzles my toes
Under the white laces  pressed into the ground
The layer of truth remains
Unique in their quirkiness and texture
Underlining and italicizing the figures I see
They keep my feet warm when my skin turns to ice
I have a guide to my day dreams where my imaginations are kept safe
The moon only shines on my place of happiness
And the stars shoot euphoric shivers throughout my body
And then
I take them off and everything turns black
My eyes are glued shut and my ears ache
And suddenly, I cannot be free

The author's comments:

Three poems that express my train of thought.  I enjoy connecting with my inner emotions.  I get inspired by nature, music, and stories.  I hope to welcome others into what I share.  

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