My Last piece - Gold

August 12, 2017
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If our toes had met on the sand: the shells filling with seaweed: 
Would we have met in a blue sunset;
The streaks of pearl and blue:
Coating the sky in gold paint.

If we had blazed red; would the flames have turned vivid in our eyes
Would the green have shifted: like a gemstone;
Would the fire have lit in your eyes;
Like you loved me.

If my hair had shifted to gold,
Would you have come to my bed:
My lover, pink like a rose: red like an apple:
Glittering with blue like shards of glass.

If I had dressed in shimmering diamonds:
Would we have wed:
With the white silk; sheathing with ribbons
With the cornflowers, clipping in my hair.

If I had read to you,
Would the pinches on your nose;
Have vanished, like snow on a mountain,
If I had soothed you.

If I had gifted the crown: onto your head
Would your lips have parted; red
Would the swans have danced overhead;
Like the glitter as it dusts my bed.

If I had planted a rose,
Would it have grown bloody:
Rising from the mud;
Like a dragon as its head does not cut.

If I had married you;
Would the frames have flashed silver;
As our love was digitised;
Would the video have told me you loved me.

If I had loved you;
Would your eyelashes be black,
Would they have been kinder as their sword lashed me;
Would the gold turn to coals.

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