A Free World

August 10, 2017
By afire01 BRONZE, NY, New York
afire01 BRONZE, NY, New York
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I used to believe that we were all free.
Free to succeed 
Free to believe
But now I know
Things aren’t as they seem
People lie
People cheat
How can we ever really be free?
When we don’t even have
The freedom of speech
I guess we can dream
And say that we believe
But then,
Wouldn't we all seem perfect as can be?
Many will try
Few will succeed
But for now
All we can do
Is dream
And say that we believe


The author's comments:

I wrote this because I was talking to my teacher about something and I realized that in this country we get hurt for speaking our mind. When I got home  I started writing about how I felt. And thats how this poem came to be

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