The Gull that Couldn't Fly

August 7, 2017
By Anonymous

And there it sits
Alone in pride
Never getting up
To hide
Under stormy clouds
It moves
With nothing to lose
We all stand
No one there to lend a hand
No one to call
No one to talk to
No one to scream, walk, or talk to
Goodbye gull
I cannot help you

The author's comments:

My friends and I saw a gull on the beach today, noticed something was off, and realized that it couldn't fly(something was wrong with its wings). Over the span of about 15-20 mins, we dialed like a dozen numbers and not one of them could help us. This included local veterinary hospitals, tri state animal service, and the humane society. Eventually we just had to leave it there and hope that it wouldn't try anything stupid and die.

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