July 28, 2017
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I fall into a hole, tumbling,
It’s not what I’d expect,
There are no playing cards,
No wildflowers,
Only darkness to introspect.

There are pits of anger,
So red they radiate.
And rock walls, tall and wide,
Their sole job?
To irritate.

This isn’t Wonderland,
This is where I dwell inside,
A home full of monsters,
A nightmare where I hide.

Fortune tellers spew predictions,
Liquid paranoia spilling from their jaws.
Dreams crash down and break
From geyser made of claws.


Rules stretch overhead
with a consuming berth, 

A man sings in my ear,
“Do it. Prove your worth.”

A noose slides slowly down,
Creeping like a snake.
The tree it hangs from is desolate,
Its limbs are sure to break.

I grab on quickly,
Hold tight to the rugged rope.
And what I see above the leaves
Strengthens me,
Gives me hope.

Among a field of lavender,
White butterflies flit and fly.
There are no fiery pits,
No reason to hide my eyes.

Rain drips sweetly down
On freshly painted cheeks.
The stars point brightly over
neatly pointed peaks.

A rainbow coats my hand
as I reach for a passion-lined street-
But the tree falls
And I’m left baffled, on my feet.

"Hey! Hold on!
Stop, Please don’t leave!"
I scream and cry,
Blunder and stamp,
But here I am,
Left to grieve.

I look around at my hell,
So broken, so deceived.
I search for an exit,
Look at the lot I’ve received.

It isn’t fair, I can’t believe it.
My mind is filled with strife.
I gather the rope and run to the pits…
I must fight to save my life.

I slash at the ground,
Break the issues buried.
I find the resolution,
And lay to rest the burdens carried.

The walls slink back away from me.
“Not so fast, I’m here to slay!”
I break across them like a hero,
Destroying the embittered clay.

Siren voices ring out around me,
Ploying and relieving.
But I cut their songs apart,
Though through tears I am weaving.

Past subtle lies and gentle burns,
And cuts that left me dead.
I feel my way through the torrents
raging in my head.

Hesitating only once,
I make my way to a door.
So unknown.
So different,
Than what I knew before.

I turn the knob's aching joint,
And open up my mouth.
My lonely words fly forth,
Come quickly pouring out…

I’m sitting in the fields,
The sky a deep azure. 
Sometimes monsters come,
I know there isn’t yet a cure.

Within my head there are endless sides,
Some beautiful, some defeating.
Others are wondrous,
Sides that leave me competing.

But where I make my home is nice,
It holds my one true life.
In a high place at that, somewhere
where I forget
To die.

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