July 27, 2017

It is time
I walked into the park
In the dark of the night
With my group of friends
Each of us holding balloons
To place them inside the recycling bin

So many items go inside the recycling bin
Throughout the morning and the night
Many of these bins can be found in a park
Where a group of people, known as friends
Feel as if they have a lot of time
So they decide of putting balloons,

Multiple colors, and a whole bunch of balloons
Inside a recycling bin
Me and my friends
Can not be seen, so we decided at night
Would be the time
To go to the park

A place where children play is often known as a park
Walking through the night
At an ungodly time
Holding balloons
Trying to find a recycling bin
Describes my group of friends

And I walking through the park, my  friends
Found the recycling bin
In the center of the  park,
Where all the children play and it will soon be filled with balloons
This is our time
To make children happy on this night

In the darkness of the night
We filled the recycling bin
With the colorful balloons
Hoping little children will soon become friends
The bond that they share due to the experience that started in this little park
This is our time

To make our little friends happy with balloons
And although the reflectors of the recycling bin glow at night
This little park holds many memories that only come with time

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