March 23, 2009
By Anonymous

A hand tapping at the window, trying to get in and take me in the night. No wait its just a tree branch rustling in the wind.

The wolf calling not to far from the house, he’s hungry and is looking for prey. No wait it’s just a dog howling to go out.

There’s a yellow pair of eyes watching me from a nearby bush, it’s a predator waiting for its next meal. No wait it’s a cat sheltering from the cold.

It’s an alien with its bright light coming from the spaceship, its coming towards me it wants to kidnap me. No wait it’s my mum with her torch.

A witch is cackling and making flashes of light come out of her broom. No wait it’s a group of children watching a fire work display.

The dark is a scary place, things happen when you least expect it, If you don’t look twice. As that thing you thought was a tree, just moved.

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