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July 25, 2017
By sbyrne00 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
sbyrne00 BRONZE, Lambertville, Michigan
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There is so much more to life than someone who walked away from you. There is so much more than trying to please someone who doesn’t want you anymore. I promise you… trust me when I say there is more to life. There will still be moments where your dad makes you laugh until your stomach hurts more than your emotional pain. There will be moments where your best friend holds you while you fall asleep beside them, just so you know you are still loved. There will be moments where you can dance around the kitchen to music that isn’t sad and that doesn’t remind you of that someone. There is still staying up all night with your girlfriends talking about how great God is and how you’re all so incredibly lucky to be living at the same time they are. There are still moments to come where you can run down the beach hand in hand with your life long best friend, laughing and having impromptu photoshoots for the heck of it. I can promise you, your loved ones will hug you so tight that it will feel like they’re finally smooshing all the broken pieces back together. There are nights to come where the setting sun paints the sky in bright pinks and oranges just for you, just so that you know there is still beauty in life when you feel ugly on the inside. Those are the kind of evenings that cleanse your soul and leave you breathless of God’s majesty. You will discover the cutest little coffee shops and secret rivers hidden in the woods where you learn how to be alone for the first time in a while. There are solidifying moments to come where you stand in a crowded room, and your shoulders don’t seem to be heavy with burden anymore. It will feel as if your heart is no longer being drowned in the heart of the ocean, but it is finally surfacing above the waves. I promise you, no matter how many months it takes to get over the hurt, the depression, the anxiety, the sickness, and the sleepless nights, in the name of Jesus, you will feel happy again. The most important thing is that you are still alive. You are so young, so beautiful no matter what they have done to you. You can still learn to love yourself day by day. I know right now it seems impossible, but when you surrender every part of your heart to Jesus, He will fill the cracks in your heart and fill you with the joy you long for deep within your heart. You are still breathing, feeling, and existing despite the loss, despite the dirtiness, and despite your hurt. You will be given strength by the Father to fight the depression weighing you down. There is so much more to life than laying in bed and allowing evil thoughts to consume your mind. There is so much GOOD and so much JOY that He wants to show you on this Earth that he created with the same hands that He created you with. He loves you right where you are- in the hurt, in the anger- and He understands it. The life He has blessed you with is not to be spent worrying about someone who didn’t chose you. If there’s one thing I can assure you of, when you give your all to Christ, you will finally see your worth. It is no longer found in the someone who left you to die in the cold and selfishly ruined your happy, innocent heart. Your worth is defined in Him and Him alone. This life is about being so full of the Joy of the Lord that you can’t even fall asleep. It’s about the times spent sharing your story that will impact the lives around you. It’s about sharing His love for everyone, and I can guarantee that you will get there. Life is worth pushing past the hurt and finding the love in Christ that will never walk away from you.

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