Door of Safety and Light

March 23, 2009
By EmilyRose. BRONZE, West Chazy, New York
EmilyRose. BRONZE, West Chazy, New York
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Darkness is like a cloud
Hovering over you.

You unwillingly ride in his car,
Night has descended like a hawk after its prey

All is silent

Windshield wipers glide across the window,
As they push away the tears you cry as you sit waiting.

Before he peers at you to
See a glistening tear roll down your cheek,
You take a deep breath and try to hide the pain.

You’ve arrived at your destination,
Eyes puffy and red.

Running out of the car
Is your only way out
Of the questions and lies.

He yells after you
To question you,
To look at you,

But to see the pain would be far worse
Than to run away, far far away.

Your almost there, you see the
Door of safety and light,

When something stops you from behind.
“What is the matter?” he questions,
But all you say is “I’m sorry.”

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