For Sue

July 24, 2017
My aunt sue is a god
When I was little I thought my aunt sue was the god that I had read about in the green new American hardcover Bible that my catholic school made me read
And honestly
I still think she is

There are
Always storms surrounding her the size of monsoons
Hurricanes that should be flooding her hopes away
But not her
She goes to the desert and is grateful for the rain
While others will sit and sulk in a puddle in Seattle and Let the storm get them down

Not her
She is the literature
That opens up your ears
Makes you listen
Lately i've had her leaning up against my left ear Liberating my mind from arkansas to kansas city
I see her levitating in light igniting ink flows from my Veins to my paper
I feel her riveting my wrist
Compelling words out of my throat


Everyone takes things away from her

But she deserves all of the sheep
And she deserves more than a bible and a couple of Poems I've written about her
Because she is the good samaritan that you hear about On the news
That you read about online
That you pray about in church
That you thank at thanksgiving dinner
She is the purple painting that perplexes minds in the Perfect picture frame
The mural that derives life to the deprived and far too
Often touched souls
She is all that is good and all that is holy
A white chapel's cushion to kneel on while they pray
She is
Celebrated on All Saint's Day
A saint
She is

My aunt sue lives in the castle sized house with a front Porch like a stage and a yard like a meadow that's better Than the movie version
Bambi is jealous of her yard
You walk down the aisle of a driveway and through the Black iron gates of her home and finally feel at home
Chairs are like thrones
Ceilings like skies
Granite countertops that all of the real housewives are Jealous of
She's got a heart deeper than the pool in her backyard
She has
A home so lovely it smells like the candles we bought Her
It's almost intimidating like the hefty hearted, high Principled, honorable, human beings that really aren't Intimidating because as soon as you walk past those Black iron gates of theirs
She'll grab you by the hand and pull you into a child's Cradle
You'll forget everything you've learned
You'll throw away what your life has taught you
And you'll go by the teachings of Sue

She's always wanted the best for her son and now he's
Finally got it

Her son Tracy has finally got it all
His house is just as pretty as hers
His house has the prettiest white pearly gates

It's got ceilings higher than the sky
An elevator in his house that only has two stops but it's Got the best elevator music that sounds like angels Singing
He's got
A house so grand that Sue had to take a black limo, Dressed up all pretty, for the first time she got to see him In his new house
A house so big she screamed louder when she heard he Was moving
And when she told us all, we cried we cried we cried so Hard
We were shaken
by vocal vibrations that rocked her house that day
Bwo words and it was real
He was really leaving
He was really moving
"Tracy's gone"
My mom screamed so loud, I saw the teeth in her mouth Move a bit

They still decorate his doormat with flowers to celebrate The day he got the house

But sometimes I fear that her broken glass eyes will lose The glue they've been sticking together with for so long Now

It's been quite a while since he's moved
And all I can do is pray to Tracy's landlord
That ?Sue is no longer exhausted
Her eyes are enlightened
Enthusiasm for life again, enticing
I hope she has exquisite dances with him in her dreams
I hope she still trusts his landlord even after everything They've been through
I hope she is once again eager to see the sunrise
And hopeful for new days that she will no longer let Haunt her
She is not horrified for what will come of today or Tomorrow
She is not hesitant to be hurt again
She is not heartbroken
She has been dipped in the blood of a hero and peeled Back more times than a soft cover book lamination
Has been written like hymnal
Should be studied like history
Hand held because she should never be broken

The home made miracle I know of as a God is not afraid Of -

Because his home is as beautiful as hers

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