March 23, 2009
By Kate Luse SILVER, Park CIty, Utah
Kate Luse SILVER, Park CIty, Utah
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She wakes,
But the sky isn’t blue anymore,
And the darkness isn’t parting,
And the breath doesn’t fall.

They wonder what it is she’s looking for,
When she’s staring out the door,
But what she sees,
Isn’t what’s outside,
It’s the frame of what’s beyond.

She used to try to smile,
To show off to the world,
The white of her joy,
Can’t you see how happy she is?
Even though,
The obsidian inside,
consumed her eyes,
And shone through.

The sunshine falls through her fingers,
Slipping through like water,
Slick and silky like satin,
Escaping her grasp.

The hours,
Scratching their razor nails,
Against the stone of her mind,
Scream and tear until,
She covers her ears,
Realizing too late,
That the sound is coming,
From the inside.

He’s trying to reach her,
The brush of his hand,
The blue of his eyes,
And the familiarity of his smile,
Can’t touch her,
Can’t you see she’s fine?
She’s buried too far now,
To realize,
he’s really there.

She stands,
In the middle of the city,
The world leaping and jumping around her,
In a blur.

Countless people,
Passing her,
Without a glance,
Leaving her alone in silence,
As they crowd together,
Yet so individual,
That they cannot see beyond themselves,
Beyond their busy lives,
Especially not her,
Even though her eyes are begging,
For just one pair of eyes,
To meet her own,
For a fraction of a second,
And actually see her.

She closes her eyes,
Letting the world pass her by.

She falls,
But the night isn’t cobalt anymore,
And the frosted stars in their velvety bed,
Can’t shine.

Doesn’t she know?

The deep shadows,
Of her world,
Wouldn’t be there,
If there was only darkness.

There is light,
That radiates,
in it’s brilliance.

Let the eclipse pass.

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