Ode to a Freshman

March 23, 2009
By Brian Ritter BRONZE, Westchester, California
Brian Ritter BRONZE, Westchester, California
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Beneath the balmy tree
Whom we'll cal Retrospect,
A freshman pondered where to sit.
Two choices stood, but one correct.

I stood between the two
With choices on each side
On the left a sunny nook
On the right the cemetary lied.

I vacillated, indecisive.
This would test my very soul.
Not so much where to drink my juice.
Rather,is it half empty or half full?

The right seemed like an easy choice,
a quiet place to pout
to whine and sulk and to lament
my toils and my doubt.

Cause grieft is positively easy!
How hard is it to fall?
There's millions of emotions.
Why deal with them all?

Why forgive? Why get up
When I can just be ever sad?
What the point in other feelings,
If the disappointments make you mad?

The left was somewhat daunting.
Why get my hopes so high?
Why invest my heart in things
that could be disapointments? Why?

I had no idea what to choose,
But at last I took a a breath.
I decided how to live my life,
And took my chances with the left.

And to this day I wonder why
This choice took such a while.
So if you ponder where to sit,
Never be afraid to smile.

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