Fate Today

July 20, 2017
By Aneri BRONZE, LANSDALE, Pennsylvania
Aneri BRONZE, LANSDALE, Pennsylvania
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"Actions speak better than words"

Thrown are the balloons
As gloomy as the day
The world has experienced today a birth
Taken in by people as coarse as sand
On which stands a garbage
Right across the grandfather cactus

The air is cutting through the cactus
Like the gravel and sand
Are cutting through the garbage
Striving are the balloons
To survive this fateful day
When the world neglected a beautiful birth

The girl whose was the birth
Has failed to live till day
Through no fault of her own, but the balloons
In the garbage
Which represent the cactus
Standing on the sand

Prickling through the heat and sand
Endeavouring in the garbage
Are the balloons
Gloomy is grandfather cactus
Seeing the end of a birth
On this critical day

The sun is out this day
Asking for another birth
Same is the cactus
Asking for fine sand
But the world and the balloons
Do not permit as they are already in the garbage

Happy is the garbage
To be glorified with balloons
Joyful is the coarse sand
To be dignified with the grandfather cactus
But glad is neither the birth
Nor the day

They are together by the connection of earth, the day and birth
The sand and cactus
And the garbage and the balloons.

The author's comments:

It is a sestina 

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