is this love?

March 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Time keeps running on by
and you don't understand why
when you look at her time stands still
and you lose control of all of your will
when you see her smile
you feel like you've just run for miles
and when she giggles
everything inside you seems to tickle
and her eyes, wow
seem to always cross your mind
because they shine with a light
that will blow you out of sight
unsure what to do
unsure what to say
you feel if you try
you'll just get in her way
all you want to do is please her
so then all you do is tease her
you try to look your best
but everything just turns out a mess
everyone says just go for it
and you just can't get over it
unsure what to do
unsure what to say
i just hope she feels
exactly the same way

The author's comments:
I felt really good about this poem. Hope you enjoy it.

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