Compassion Would Be Great.

March 22, 2009
By Erynn Snel BRONZE, Arlington, Washington
Erynn Snel BRONZE, Arlington, Washington
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I'm going through that loop again.
The one where I want to go far away
To a place where no one knows my name.
No one knows my secrets of what happened
Or who was to blame.

I'm getting to that spot where I want to be alone
So no one else can know...
I've been trying this thing
Where I count the days I don't cry.
I realized this is a bad idea
Because whenever I fail, I get pissed at the fact that I even try.

I don't feel pretty, so don't say I am.
You don't see my feelings
You just see my face.
But baby, my face doesn't show who I truly am.
Maybe if you take the time to see
You'll realize how happy I have the potential to be.

The author's comments:
It's human nature to judge someone by their appearance. When someone is dressed in all black and is wearing tons of eyeliner, it is assumed that this person is "Emo". Then there's the girl with the mini skirts and cleavage displayed shirt, they are often labeled as...well you know. Either way, they are both people. They both have things going on in their life that you may not know about. Try not to judge the people around you but instead live with Compassion First.

Just because someone is smiling doesn't mean that their always ok. Sometimes the people who may seem the most "popular" in the school have a lot more going on in their life that you may have the ability to comprehend. Let go of jealousy. It's honestly a waste of time. Be happy that you are the way you are. Don't put others down. Smile before you judge them for what they look like. Compassion First. It may just save a life.

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