July 13, 2017

I explained to her about how I found religion in the freckles that polka dotted his skin.
How his lips manipulated phrases to sound just as beautiful as him. I'm inclined to skip over lines, this time I won't skim.
I've got my sights set on you, where have you been?
His eyes shone like crystals on a chandelier, he grins at me making it clear. He wins.
The lights are dim, we standing this room alone. Sink or swim.
What are the chances he'll look into me? slim
I'm turning green with envy all his friends can see, my patience is wearing thin.
You make butterflies flutter in my lungs though they're beautiful I can't breathe. I'm dying to be what you need but your beauty is a hoax. Hiding your weapons with your sweet words and false teeth. You've got villainous plans but I'm too stubborn to be deceived. You've tied your horrendous actions with a pretty bow, you didn't mean to mislead. The common theme of our story, he's beautiful but beneath me, cause I'm ****ing masterpiece.

The author's comments:

The first person to make me totally lose focus of my own identity.

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