But You Don't Look Sick

July 10, 2017
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I passed out today
But you don’t look sick
I lost my will to pray
But you don’t look sick
I’m too ill to eat
But you don’t look sick
Sleeping one night would be such a treat
But you don’t look sick


I didn’t ask for your opinions
Or your made up medical degree
I didn’t ask for your suggestions
Like I should drink more green tea
I don’t want your sympathy
Or you saying that medicine is key


I’m not overreacting
Or making this up
I know it’s invisible
And I need more salt then a cup


But I’m not looking for attention
Or your overused pity
I don’t need a POTs convention
Or you saying I still look pretty
And I don’t need a diet intervention
Or you making jokes, thinking your witty


Despite the doctor’s prescriptions
And the million ER trips
Despite the diagnosis description
And the constant Gatorade to my lips


Despite the meds with too much kick
Or the ones that never go my way
Despite nothing ever doing the trick
They still feel the need to say
“But you still don’t look sick”

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