Mind That Playful Bite

March 22, 2009
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Nipping like a snake at your nose,
Well at least you're not in death throes.
Wind, wind, free as can be,
Warm wind, cold wind, doesn't matter to me.
Speedy wind, crawling wind, it comes and it goes.
Soaring high in the sky, be prepared to say good-bye!
Parched wind, humid wind, I don't care,
I just like to feel that wind,
Running like a bear.
It just feels so good to me,
It's so great to be free!
Smoky wind, clean wind, it doesn't matter,
Even if it feels real thick,
Just like cate batter!
So to be so very free, just listen to me,
Go outside fly a kite,
Just mind that playful bite!
Fiend or foe,
No one can possibly know,
Might as well let it be,
And let the wind be so very free!

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