What is love?

July 8, 2017

Love? When you hear this four letter word what do you think of?
Happiness that you want forever or is it the worst feeling ever?
Not all love is good love. Love can tear you down mentally.
It's like you meet this person and as time past the love become stronger but eventually that love just don't stay.
Love is when you look that person in the eyes and pray to God this person never leaves you, because if they do they'll be carrying your heart around.
When you first meet a person the connection is so deep it's like they're your lover and your g.
You can tell that person you love them and never put nothing above them.
You know they have your heart so you automatically trust them .
But as time goes by the love starts to die. However, it's not you he just chose them girls over you.
Now you're crying and so tired of even trying.
You're reading old messages wondering where y'all went wrong and begging him to please come back home.
Not only did you lose the love of your life but you lost a bestfriend.
It's like once they move on all you can do is be happy for them, because if you truly love this person then the only thing you want for them is to be happy even if it's not with you.
So yeah sometimes you get in this deep thought of feelings and hoping just one day they'll be back but you have to realize once again.
All love is not good love! So you get up and move on .
It's the best thing for you to do, because if you don't then you'll be in this deep lonely depression that nobody can't help you with but only you.
Don't never let anyone make you cry in a bad way, because they don't deserve the love that you're giving.
You're beautiful, smart, and a loveable person.
Don't let that person mess up your whole attitude or yourself because they broke you.
So you tell me what is love?

The author's comments:

I always write down my thoughts and feelings. So I wanted to share with others!

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