March 22, 2009
By Czar.Twon BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
Czar.Twon BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Chilling in the living room thinking
about how we fell off
like earrings in a cat fight

i didn't act right
but i thought i did
gave me mixed signals
red light green light
i guess you seen me move
at the end of 123

sent me to bee
buzzing back to my honey tree
you was my honey

so i wont work
like cars with no wheels
jails with no bars
pain with no pills

agony it kills
to know deep inside
you've taken my soul
and threw it down a well
pulled the bucket up
now im stuck by myself

nothing but sweet sweet memories

your memories of me
lost in space

imma do you like u did me
your done and erased

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