March 22, 2009
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eyes closed, mind wide open,
thoughts run wild as fears are put to rest
eyes closed, but yet i can still see, see the way i want the future
to be but also the way the been.
mind wide open but that doesn't mean my heart will let you in,
when the mind feels free, when it's at ease, there nothing left to do but
D-don't worry bout yesterday
R-ready to see
E-eyes closed
A-All yours
M-mind wide open
Prayin for a new day, to open my eyes and see in a new way
but it's strange how pain can make those dreams fade away.
How as each tear from my eye my dreams seem to go along with it
I remember dreamin, dreamin about tomarrow but now all i seem to do
is worry about today.
eyes closed, mind wide open
is it possible to dream without an open mind?
how ddo you know if ya mind's open let alone WIDE open
so many questions such a waste of time
forget it, it's worth a try
so forget how i dreamed yesterday cuz u best belive i'm dreamin today,
eyes closed, mind wide open

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