You may not have noticed

March 22, 2009
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You may not have notice, but the roses on my dresser are slowly fading away.
One by one the beauty, softness, and essence of each pink colored rose falls.
Each layer sheds as it strives to separate from the one thing that makes it whole.

You may not have noticed but, the warmth of a sunset fades away to make the passing of another day.
Another day to love and be loved..face the world's utter harshness as one strong mighty being.
As the rays of the sun gradually sink beneath the horizon of trees and shadows my heart is revealed.

You may not have noticed but, I stand here alone waiting for the substance to reverse this reactiong you've caused.
I'm waiting for the chemical reaction to fuse the particles of my heart together again.
Searching, waiting, and praying for anything to bring me back to the one thing that makes me whole.

You may not have noticed but, lying on the dusty oak floor, withering away steadily into millions of pieces the wind breaks the wholesomeness of the rose petals one by one.
Like a parched rose crushed in the fists of an oppressor.

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