God Bless

July 2, 2017
By Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
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Bless you, loyal protectors
Who place your lives on the line
Who risk life and limb to keep us innocent civilians safe and sound
Having to witness terrible and traumatizing events that leave mental scars and horrific memories
Losing sleep and sanity for people like me, never knowing if you’ll come home, spending months to years on end away from your families and loved ones, never knowing if you’ll see them again
Being part of something like that cannot be easy in any way possible. I have a family member who has seen war and after he came home, his mother and sister say he hasn’t been the same ever since.
I look at people like you, and think about how kind, selfless, and how many of you gave your lives in the line of duty to protect our country
I’m writing this to say thanks to all of you soldiers, sailors, veterans, and over all, kind souls for giving so much of yourselves to protect us
Thank you and God Bless

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was a countdown about military base shootings. I was shocked and upset at how many people had lost their lives and I knew that many people who serve our country give their lives every day and I wanted to do something in memorial to all of the ones that have died protecting us and say thank you to the ones that are currently serving and thank the veterans that have served our country. I have a few family members who are military veterans and I feel very strongly about this topic. I wanted to say thank you and bless your souls.

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