Life is ruff

June 27, 2017
By 20hughsab SILVER, Moline, Illinois
20hughsab SILVER, Moline, Illinois
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When i was little i was a stray
I kept all problems at bay
I fended for myself
And dreamt i was an elf
But then one day i was found
By a family of five who wanted a hound
They took me home and then a smile
Then ensured me i'd stay a while
But they have flaws
They yell when i talk to dogs
They swat me when i jump
and wont let me hump
They make me wear a rope
But its ok cuz the collar is dope
They get mad when i dont eat
And praise me with a treat
They give me restrictions
On things that can be addictions
They curse when i poop inside
But they do it so i dont understand why

The author's comments:

The reason I wrote this piece is cuz it's like in the point of view of a dog to like what the dog thinks of having people own him and take care of him and stuff and what his life might be like before that if he was a stray or something

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