A mother

June 27, 2017
By 20hughsab SILVER, Moline, Illinois
20hughsab SILVER, Moline, Illinois
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A mother encourages
good attitude and good manners
a mother nourishes
the minds and body of the people after her
 a mother teaches
respect and Truth
a mother listens
to the problems of her youths
a mother guides
 her children through their lives
a mother warns
of fibbing and telling lies
but yet at the end of the day there's even more reason to thank her as she snuggles her children into bed tell some stories and sings lullabies it's like a train ticket one with a round trip to and from Dreamland a place where all the worries and stress can relax and this dress holder can have a nice relaxation and break from the Day 2 Day troubles
To all the strong mother's out their happy mothers day

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