June 26, 2017
By est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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My feet waded through a stream
Of water that gleams
My body thrusts forward
Towards the dolphin horde
The dolphin’s skin
Is rubber; it lifts its head to grin
My hand surfaces out of the light blue
Water; sleekness will brew
From the grayed
Rubber; like a balloon laid
Across the water; not popping
As I pressed and squeezed the skin without stopping
The dolphin’s mouth reveals small teeth
As if they were razors from a reef
Yet, the dolphin doesn’t attack; its eyes close
From the soothing touches I impose
My hands tilt under the dolphin’s chin
It allows me to do so; close to its fin
A nearby camera flashes
My picture with the dolphin; the camera lashes
At a perfect scene; a young girl
With a dolphin; until
Trills and clicks serve as noise
Disrupting the scene like winding toys
Two wrists coil around my arm
My feet climbed the shallow steps without alarm
Before I leave, I wave
At the dolphin; it smiles at what I gave
My cousin follows; also smiling
Happiness piling
The dolphin watches us go
It then joins the other dolphins; letting the water glow
I lower myself through the light blue water
Wading towards the dolphin; the texture feeling hotter

The author's comments:

Went on vacation with family; had opportunity to swim with dolphins

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