Pain of Me

May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Second floor, east wing, Hospital.
There was a girl who lay still
In a uncomfortable bed
She is unconcious but never alone
Let just call her Cat, or Cathy

When she was awake, they'd  teased her everyday
Because of her love of school
No one around her knew
What she’s been throught

She’d lost her Brother when she was three
Two months later  her parents both OD
She sat on the highchair watching
Shooting heroin in thier veins

Her Grandparents didn't won't her,
She was forced into a foster family
Quite a lot for a 4 year old kid

Four foster home’s
Hiding each and every bruise
The abuse making the poor girl go numb
Finally she was adopted
At the fine age of 7

Three therapist later
She finally felt that she could make it
The therapy was finally working,
She had her new beginning
Or maybe her ending

Middle school had began,
Cathy was now 14
After math finish
She placed the Book Theif in her bag
grabbing her drawing notebook
Heading too lunch

She was too focused on her drawling,
That she didn't seem too notice
Summer and Laura
And three other girls
They shoved her into a wall

Thay snapped pictures of her medicine
Opened it and dumped it across the hall
They shoved her into the bathroom,
Where other were waiting
Scissor’s in one girls hands

They cut up her clothes,
Her hair and her heart.
They all left poor cathy
Alone in the dark

They said “go back too were you came from and die”
Her only defence was too cry

Episodes of Dr. Phil an Oprah,
All taught her that she’d be okay
It was just another long an hard day

But as the year kept on passing,
The girls kept on harrasing

If you listen close
You might  hear, cathy’s shouts of fear
But her shout’s were never loud enough
For anyone too hear

Poor little cathy,
No one can hear your plea’s

Cathy confided in her English techer
Who told the principle about the girls
Cathy felt invinsible
Summer got suspended
Cathy was sure this would end her suffering

That was until one night
with her one friend Jane
They both had gone
too an basketball game

It was hard too believe
that kids could be so cruel
They laughed at her pain
As Cathy ran Away

Cathy was running
Not seeing the car
The car that was speeding
Speeding too fast
Into cathy, the car had crashed

Poor Little Cathy, Cathy is me
Why didn't anyone listen too my plea’s

The author's comments:

It is all about how my parents couldnt handle the sadness of losing a child that they OD and lefr me to go to alot of foster home ans i was abused in most of them and bullied at school

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