Accepting the End

June 25, 2017

Tears against dampened skin
My words have been bled
Onto the crinkled parchment paper
Of the things I never said

I sought for your love
And yet I am left here to cry
For you packed your things and drove away
Without even a minimal good-bye

Pain tis such a horrid endeavor
Since heartache is all that remains
The only thing left to fill the void
When you have poisoned my fading veins

Despite all the despair you have caused
I cannot seem to deprive
My mind of wandering to the thought of you
That fogged time of when we did thrive

When your palms were against my face
Pressing my chestnut hair behind ivory ears
We were one then and so we forgot
Allowing doubt to enforce our fears

Since that day we have lost touch
And strayed from each other
Though I hoped that time would come again
You  had already found another

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