Isolation is Key

June 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Some people say ignorance is comfort, but I like to think differently. I'm a thinker so so I observe my surroundings, I listen in on conversation, and don't bother to ever get involved. I'm the girl who sits in the of the classroom and never dares to answer the questions or raise my hand. I am the invisible darkness surrounded by bodies of light. Am I dead or alive? I don't know anymore. As long as I can remember I've been the outcast, the invisible one. I'm the one with no friends, the sore thumb on a hand. I stick out as the loner the one without someone. I don't know anything different so to me isolation is the best medicine of them all. No pill nor swallow will make you so humble but isolation. Being an outcast goes by fast but not for all people so enjoy aloneness and celebrate self. I hope you were paying attention so you'll see, isolation is key.

The author's comments:

Being alone and growing up without friends most of my life I sat on the sidelines wondering what it's like to have that special someone. I never knew what it was like being the center of attention or how it felt not being looked down upon by all ages. Society never accepted me because I was different, excelled above my age group, and not willing to do the latest, new thing. Looking back on my most difficult challenges inspired me to write this piece and give myself a chance to say what my mouth couldn't.

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