No More Bedtime Stories

March 22, 2009
By buba082294 BRONZE, Richmond, Indiana
buba082294 BRONZE, Richmond, Indiana
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Your smile lit up the entire room
Your presence still lingers here
The sun doesn't seem to shine
Quite the same way
The light can't hit your cheeck
As it once did before
No more bedtime stories
And kisses goodnight
I miss your truthfullness
And innocent playful laugh
And the joy you brought to my life
You were the key
To unlock my heart
I miss the kind twinkle
In your little blue eyes
And the way you said,
"Mommy, it will be alright."
Now rain always pours from the Dark and dreary skies
You were unique and special to me
Without you I don't feel the same
I miss the touch of your hand,
Smile on your face
You were always so
And true
An ice-cream cone left in the sun
You seemed to just slowly melt away
Although you were afraid
You never let it shouw through
You just knew you would get well
You are the strongest
Person I know
Passion for music you had
A voice truly from an angel
You were the light
At the end of every tunnel
The finish line you passed
So suddenly,
So young
In heaven you now must be
With wings to hold you gracefully <3

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