March 22, 2009
By buba082294 BRONZE, Richmond, Indiana
buba082294 BRONZE, Richmond, Indiana
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I woke up alone and afraid
I couldn't remember what happened that day
When i suddenly realized
The tears poured from my blue eyes
He was driving too fast and spun out of control
My life will never again be whole
His car drove into a cluster of trees
All we have left of him are pictures and memories
The day has come when things have changed
My life has been rearranged
We were together for five wonderful years
He helped me surpass all of my fears
I layed in my hospital bed feeling so alone
I couldn't help but hear my mom on the phone,
"He was only seventeen
The world he was just beginning to see."
To this day people look for tears in my eyes
Im sorry, they were there, but the well has run dry
I was his Cinderella
And he, my handsome young fellow
My fairy tale ending may never come true
The loss I have suffered, I can't undo
Sometimes I feel no one else can steal my heart
And without him I am slowly falling apart
As I lie here alone tonight
I suddenly start to feel alright
In heaven my true love must be
This is what I have come to see
Even when we are apart
I feel him there, deep inside my heart
I put a false smile on my face
And hide my sadness just in case
I have decided to move on
I must face the fact that he is gone
Yesterday I met another man
He was sweet and held my hand
It has been five years since that tragic night
I am slowly beginning to once again see light
This guy that I met seems genuine and true
But forgetting your first love, you never do <3

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on Jun. 14 2009 at 10:07 pm
buba082294 BRONZE, Richmond, Indiana
3 articles 0 photos 3 comments
i hope everyone enjoyed my poem :)


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