What is BLACK

March 22, 2009
By So_Simply_Me SILVER, Hartford, Connecticut
So_Simply_Me SILVER, Hartford, Connecticut
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Black is not a race but a color.
No one in this world is BLACK.
You quick to say im BLACK, that I am an African American, but I will sit here and tell you exactly how I feel.
I am not BLACK, I am not an African American.
I was born in America, so I am American.
Why can't you accept me the way I am?
Why must I feel how you feel.
Is it because we have the same skin color?
My skin doesn't make me.
My mind does.
I am my own self.
Dont judge me because of the way I look at life, just worry about your.
You argue, yell, and scream, but what does that really do?
Don't force your beliefs on me.
BLACK is the abstance of color.

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