The Door to Life

June 15, 2017
By xinyicathy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
xinyicathy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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They say I should study,
And get good grades.
Go to a good college,
Take a decent job,
Marry a great guy,
Have a couple of kids...

But then what? I ask.
Then you die, of course.

They say I should be happy,
That this is the good life.

But why, why, why;
‘Tis the question, why?

Because the people think so,
Because society knows so,
Because the world says so.

But I am not satisfied,
Though they tell us to open our eyes,
That the fairy tales are all lies.

I cannot breathe, I cannot live, I cannot be happy,
In this monotonous world,
Heart hoping for adventure,
Soul searching for more.

Can I not explore the world,
As I see and hear and feel?
Have I no choice,
But to obey, follow, and conform?
Is life no more,
Than inside this door?

I want to soar through the sky,
Touch the clouds,
or be a star.
Delve into the deep blue seas,
Feel the grains of sand on my feet,
For more than just a week.
But these are nothing but dreams,
And I am bored.

Bored of the bells ringing each and every period,
The humdrum of shuffling feet in the hallways,
The tests and quizzes,
The homework, the facade of care,
Bored of the routine of--
Eat, sleep, repeat.

And I am tired.
Tired of the judgements,
Tired of the expectations,
Tired of the oppression.

Is life no more
Than, inside this door?

Each day, week, month, and year,
It’s all the same.
Society sets the timeline,
From the moment you are born

But I don’t want to settle down,
And live so pointlessly.
I want to live the fantasies,
Not just vicariously.
I want to be the queen,
Not humanity’s pawn.

I can’t find the meaning, can’t find the light,
For is life no more
Than inside this door?

No, no, NO!
It can’t possibly be.
We must find the good things,
How little they are,
From a glistening dewdrop,
a brilliant ray of sunlight,
The sweet taste of ice cream on a hot summer’s day,
The warmth of hot cocoa and marshmallows over the fireplace,
The love of family, the trust of friends.

So much to experience, so much to explore.
The little things in life,
The ending doesn’t matter,
The happiness lies in the step by step journey.

Heartfelt laughter,
Beaming smiles,
It’s a beautiful world.
Just open your eyes,
And open the door,
For life is definitely more.

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