As I Die

June 15, 2017

Gone were the limpid waters of our home,
The vast seas were somber and still,
Through the jellyfish I roamed,
Only to know, they were plastic bags that kill,

They fell from above so gracefully,
Down into the dark abyss,
Like a blanket covering the deep sea,
Yet something was amiss,

Our beautiful home began to blacken
Creeping upon us was hell,
Day by day, one by one,
Each of us fell,

None knew what malady had spread
Or how to solve this dilemma,
Yet all knew, in time we’d be dead,
Forgetting this tragic trauma,

Soon enough we concluded,
That our home was not at fault,
It was the jellyfish and their acid,
Given to us by those we’d exalt,

Waiting as the days pass by
Soon my time will come
Alas, I must say goodbye
I cannot fight this venom

The humans, the people on land,
Who once enjoyed our home
Carelessly contaminating our sand,
Left us to die alone,

What speaks are their actions,
They have destroyed the sea,
I see humans,
But no humanity.

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