June 15, 2017
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Murder - murder feels
    You ask is murder always bad? Well, murder feels like having a cramp in your leg that never ends. Murder feels like being torn from your family as they are screaming no. Murder is feeling helpless as you lay there and die knowing your family is waiting for you to return home. Murder feels like regret not living your life to the fullest.
   Murder looks like a broken family with no dad to support them. Murder looks like a pool of blood with you laying in the the middle drowning in your own blood. Murder looks like your family starving because you wanted to go out after work instead of going home. Murder looks like sparrow because your unborn child will never see you.
    Murder tastes like beans because that's all your family can afford without you. Murder taste like the last drink you had before you started walking home. Murder tastes like the blood in your mouth after you were stabbed. Murder taste like your wife's dinner, that you will never have again.
    Murder smells like your killers cologne. It smells like the bar you just left. Murder smells like chicken, your favorite food that you will never eat again. Murder smells like all the people who tried to help you, even thought you knew it was to late Murder smells like the flowers where you first met your wife. Murder smells like your dirty dog, that smells like rotten flesh because your wife couldn't afford to feed him and so he ate your chickens. Murder smells like your dirty children who can't afford a shower without your income.
    Murder sounds like a knife slicing through your flesh. Murder sounds like screams coming from 10 different directions as they come running to help you. Murder sounds like your wife crying when she found out. Murder sounds like people screaming in your head because you are hallucinating. Murders sounds like your children fighting because they blame each other for not being good enough. Murder sounds silent as it all goes black.

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