The Beautiful Game

June 19, 2017

As I stand on the muddy soccer field.
The screams and the roars of the cheering crowd
Is all I seem to hear
No clear voices to recognize
It is all just a blur
The only person I notice,
Is my friend yelling

The dirty ball in my feet
Heavy rain dropping on my head
“We need to score a goal” is all I can think of
I think “I need to make my coach and my teammates proud”
I dribble the ball through the midfielders
And go up to the side of the pitch
Here goes the cross, and a touch,
The ball is in the net!
Goal! Goal! Goal! Say the commentators
I know my coach and my teammates are proud of me,
From just the eyes of all

The dirty ball in my hand
I walk towards the van
People complimenting about the beautiful game,
People complimenting me for a great game,
I say thanks, but all that matters after the win
Is that one look from my coach.

The author's comments:

Harsewak D

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