The Universe

June 18, 2017
By Galvaman0110 BRONZE, Montville, New Jersey
Galvaman0110 BRONZE, Montville, New Jersey
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It's all around us
Constantly expanding
Planets and stars superfluous
All while we are standing

Calculations have been done by men in robes
And we recently sent our own probes
It is like grasping an ocean
We can never achieve such a notion

Trillions of stars dance in the night sky
BOOM KRAKOOM as they explode and die
Then there are the dark panthers
Hiding in all sorts of manners
They consume the galaxy
Yet all they do is add to the majesty

Then there are the canvases
Richly filled with vibrant color
All of which serve as balances
To the void's dolor

Nebulas that breathe life into stars
Through beautifully vicious quasars

We come back to Earth
Our curiosity not in dearth
Our gibbosity always in grandiosity

The light of the fire is a sight
As is our passion for flight

So we must ask ourselves, how will it all conclude
Will it be through the flash of heat
Or an ascension so many alude

In the end we gaze at you and ask
Is this the beginning of the end?

The author's comments:

Space has always been a mystery to us. I personally have always been fascinated by its magnitude. Composed of galaxies, supernovas, nebulas, and black holes some of our best fiction is found from the cosmos. A person can't help but those themselves in such an ocean.

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