March 24, 2009
By Alex Ehler BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Alex Ehler BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Yes we all know of the presidents--tall and proud
But we never really thought of those who were to shroud
A country into the dark of poverty and war
And on occasions where the citizens would say, "No more."
We remember those of long ago with dignity and might
So, lets take a look more recently--the answers are in plain sight.
Is it FDR? The man who was so bold? He served four terms to help us through...
But who's example was not followed? George Washington's perhaps?
And although he helped us through the relapse, he remained to stay--and to not follow the constitution--or as it would later say.
No, perhaps it was more recent. Perhaps the man who set up the CREEP,
Ruined his career across the nation--from every mountain to the calm, soft brook
When he said, "I am not a crook!"
Or was it even sooner? Was it a man who ran a good presidency?
But then a natural tendency,
caused him to become
a liar and a cheater--Bar none...
Was it the tall tale he said,
which was even embarassing to other nations:
When he said, "I had no sexual relations"?
Or was it an even more hated man? Who pushed us into debt,
who is now credited as the man who set
This nation well on fire and burning down to hell.
Less than a third of us like him,
but you can plainly tell,
that it only only the fool, but the fools who elected him as well?
And the final man, who many seem to adore,
May cause this nation to become no more.
He claims that he can help, he claims that he can see
Claims he can make this nation sronger than it used to be.
Who would this man be? Spreading his words from the gulf to every mountain range?
Oh, I believe you'd know him.
His favorite word is "change".

The author's comments:
Just a little poem I made up about the people Americans have elected and what happens when you leave things up to the fickle entity of America...

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