My Lady the Queen

March 22, 2009
I need you and you will, in no way, know,
The nagging feeling that I will never show.
For you my queen upon your throne,
Are a sight to great for my eyes to behold.

I walk when you run, I talk when you sing.
You glisten and shine while I rust and fade away.
You are the sun and my fear is the cloud that, Blocks light from reaching my ever hungry leaves.

But you my queen know this and more,
So you run away when I walk to you,
And you sing aloud to cover my voice.
It is not my fear holding me back.
It is you holding me back,

From holding your hand in the hallway,
From celebrating everyday like your birthday,
From being a shoulder to cry on when you feel like, no one cares
From loving you no matter what happens between us

I know I care and I am afraid to feel
Queen? This is this is my Achilles heel
I love you and you will always be my ideal.

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