Why I Cry

June 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Why have I fallen so deep
Into a pit of confusion
Is this just all an illusion
Of a fictional love conclusion
Why have I tricked my mind
Into thinking I was enough
That my body wasn’t the stuff
That kept him giving me “love”
Why am I a sucker for words
The way they caress my heart
Said like a work of art
Though no meaning from end to start
Why do I let myself cry
When I lead myself to pain
I continue to play the game
Of being “loved” then betrayed
Why do I let myself fall
When I know how bad it ends
Nobody ever stays friends
Yet I fall for it over again
Why do I try and believe
When each “lover” has lied
Many nights I've cried
Over the feeling that I hide
Why have I kept going
When I know I should give up
I will never be enough
I will never be loved

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