The Christmas Surprise

June 9, 2017
By Jessica.Ahern BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Jessica.Ahern BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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    We never expected another member in the family. Especially a white, fluffy member who weighs six pounds, and can run almost as fast as a cheetah. My best buddy. My favorite christmas surprise of 2012. You should’ve saw me and my sister’s faces when we opened the box, which by the way my dad was as slow as a snail opening, to see our adorable puppy. We immediately screamed. My mom said we screamed so loud she thought we saw a ghost! The breeder that had my dog previously named him, so we decided not to change it so he wouldn’t be confused. JJ is his name, but I like to call him all different names. He basically answers to any name at this point with all the different things i call him. Fluffy, puppy, buddy, JJ; he answers to anything really. My sassy, spoiled with treats, white as a snowball dog was welcomed as a new addition to the family.

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